Ogden Engineering Solutions

Ogden Engineering Solutions (OES) offers engineering consulting, specializing in the design, construction, validation, operation and maintenance of sanitary process equipment, utilities, and Cleanrooms in support of cGMP biological and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Bill Ogden - Owner and Principle Engineer of Ogden Engineering Solutions

The owner and principle engineer of OES is Bill Ogden, who has over 35-years experience supporting cGMP manufacturing in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.

  • Building a new polysaccharide vaccine manufacturing facility at Merck
  • Designing, installing and starting up AZ’s first HTST skid
  • Designing AZ’s first GMP ADC conjugation suite
  • Designing AZ’s first GMP Cell Therapy facility
  • Implementing and validating a media challenge program for a bulk sterile API
  • Optimized a 32,000 roller bottle process, eliminating contamination.
  • Redesigned and optimized multiple WFI systems
  • Worked with BW Seals and Flowserve to design custom sanitary seals that became product lines.
  • Resolved Bioreactor exhaust filter clogging by implementing a simple, unique configuration change.

I can help you design a safe, compliant, “validate-able” process and/or facility that will be easy to operate and maintain. I can provide simple, innovative solutions to help you modify existing equipment, utilities or facilities to resolve ongoing problems. I can identify the source contamination failures and provide ways to prevent them.

We are currently only available for small, remote assignments.

  • Email: Bill@ogdenes.com
  • Phone: 301-710-4064